May 16, 2010. My college graduation from Hofstra University. I had never been so proud of myself for moving out of my small hometown of Gaithersburg, Maryland and graduating from college with a degree in Dance. I was pursuing my career in an art form I loved and I had never felt so accomplished. I learned very quickly at the young age of 21 years old, that my educational experience had come to an end and I needed to get out in the workforce.

I started applying to dance teaching jobs online and began contacting dance studios in the area. I had no answers, from anyone. So I resorted to my last option, Craigslist. I applied to about seven ads and got only one response from a studio that was just opening in Melville, NY. They needed a Hip Hop instructor on Monday nights. Although, I was trained in Ballet, Modern and Contemporary, I thought, I can do this. So I put my little black dress on and went to an interview. I met with the woman who was opening the studio, Siobhan. She walked me around the studio, asked questions and told me she had just moved from the city to open a studio and start a family. I left and received an email about a day or so later saying that I got the job! I was elated and that is where my experience at Art in Motion started. I was teaching 2 classes a week and an occasional adult Hip Hop or Zumba class from 2010-2011 (while working a full time reception job at a local gym). 

Well, little did I know back in 2010 with my 2 hip hop classes per week that my experience with Art in Motion would flourish into what it has today. I now teach 16 classes and 15 privates per week and co-own the second location in Northport, NY. My confidence in teaching dance, customer service and the business of owning a studio has skyrocketed. I couldn’t have asked to work in a more positive, creative environment. My coworkers and I respect, encourage and support each others work. When I graduated from college, I thought my educational experience was over but it was never over. It was just the beginning.