Hi Everyone 🙂 In the midst of all the uncertainty surrounding us right now I can’t help, but think about how lucky and grateful I am that this AIM family was brought into my life. In December of 2015 I graduated from Towson University with a degree in Dance Performance and K-12 Dance Education and walked out into a completely unknown world. I looked back on my life up until that point and thought about how much dance had shaped me into the person I am. I started dancing at the age of 2 and never looked back. Growing up the studio was my home, I was there basically every single day even if I didn’t have classes. It was my happy place. As I began applying to colleges I was so torn on going to school for what I knew I loved and needed in my life or to go for a more “conventional” or “safe” career path. 

Ultimately I followed my heart and walked into my freshman year as a Dance Performance and Education major. My 4 years at Towson truly shaped me into the dancer and teacher I am today. My professors were constantly there to guide, support, and encourage me even when I felt like I wasn’t good enough. The years I had there were filled with Ballet and Modern class everyday of the week as well as countless performances and opportunities to work with so many different performers and choreographers. When I graduated I was so excited and prepared to walk into the world and see the mark I could make. 

Once I moved back home from Maryland I got a call from our close family friend, Gaby, telling me the studio she worked for and Melanie used to dance at was looking for a sub and if I was available. I was so excited. I immediately said yes I would make myself available for any classes, anything to get myself into a studio and teaching again. As their school year came to an end I continued to keep in contact with Siobhan and by fall I was teaching Monday and Tuesdays for the whole year. I taught 2 Recreational Classes & 1 Hip Hop Class on Monday and 3 Company Ballet Classes on Tuesday. As that year went on I faced a lot of choices about my career and what my next step would be, but ultimately I knew that AIM was going to be my home. I began the next year teaching 6 days a week and working admin. I could have never dreamed of how much this opportunity was going to grow over the next 4 years into teaching full time and co-owning our brand new studio in Northport, NY. 

This job has given me way more than I could’ve ever imagined. It has given me a second family filled with coworkers, students, and parents who have become family. I am so excited to see where we go and for the years to come.