The opening of Art In Motion Dance Center in 2010 was a huge life change. It
meant I was leaving the city and the life I had only dreamt of as a child. The 8.5
years I spent in NYC were now some of my finest memories. The hustle bustle of
the city and constant grind of a dancers life is something that can eat you alive
and at the same time gives you life. From the performances at Radio City,
National Tour, Regional Theater, Cruise Ships, and Industrial Gigs. To the days of
feeling like you would never get hired again. To calling my mom crying as I sat in
my apartment watching Oprah telling her I cant do this anymore. Her response
“no one is coming to knock on your door so get up and go do something”. The
reality was only I could make the choice to be active, take a step, go take a class,
get out and make it happen. I would always end up in a lyrical class at BDC. It
was my favorite place to find myself when I felt lost or alone in a large city. Fast
forward 8.5 years many phone calls and stories later I had a successful run in
NYC. Though the idea of opening a studio always was brought to me as a child
as a plan B. The conversation would go something like this, “Oh you want to be a
dancer thats nice and then you could always open a studio”. I never wanted to
open a studio as a child I wanted to dance. Thats all I knew, it made me happy
and feel alive. In fact it seemed like if I was to open a studio then I must of failed
and not have “made it”. When I turned 28 and the conversations of opening a
studio and moving back to Long Island became a reality I wasn’t quite ready.

The summer of 2010 sitting in my apartment drawing up ideas and my dad
sending me photos of spots he had found on Route 110 in Melville. Thinking of a
name for the studio I would say to my self what is dance? Its art in motion. I
started to get excited maybe this is my journey, but it was so unknown and scary
and I knew my love for performing would be missed greatly. I also knew nothing
about owning a business. I can say now the amount that I have learned in 10
years and continue to learn with my awesome AIM team everyday is such a gift.
Owning a studio is not a Plan B, its another Plan A. Another part of this amazing
dance journey that started at age 3. I couldn’t be more thankful for all the dance
experiences and people that have been part of them. I welcome 2020 with open