As the newest member here at AIM, I would like to share my dance journey with all of you!

Just like you, I started as a baby in my Ballet/Tap combo class! My mom was pregnant with my youngest sister during my first year of dance, and I had become so attached to her that I didn’t want to leave her side anymore- I actually missed my first recital because of it! Just a few years went by before I started choreographing dances for the 3 of us to show anyone who would watch: my parent’s favorite memory, to this day. My parents were incredibly supportive of my sisters and I, with anything we wanted to do in life. My childhood memories consist of soccer games, Girl Scout trips, finding a love for Musical Theatre (on stage and in the audience), and of course, Dance. For my junior and senior high school musical productions at East Meadow High School, I was asked to step up as Dance Captain. Over these years, I worked with cast members on rehearsing difficult dance numbers, as well as choreographing my own numbers- a privilege that not many 17 year olds had with previous productions. As my high school years were coming to a close and my final dance performances was around the corner, I realized I did not want to move forward in my life without dance. I loved the feeling of helping someone reach a goal; I loved watching their eyes light up after perfecting a simple step that they have worked so hard on. I attended and graduated from SUNY Fredonia in 2019, where I majored in Public Relations and minored in Theatre Arts and Dance Studio Administration. Throughout my years there, I taught at a local children’s studio, danced and choreographed for our student run dance company and led the Fredonia Dance Team as President for my last 2 years. They taught me that being a leader is so much more that just giving directions- it’s about helping those around you reach their full potential, and to be the best person/dancer they can be. 

Early on in 2020, I had the pleasure of choreographing a community theatre’s production of The Wizard of Oz- the same group which helped me discover my passion for theatre at a young age. A close family friend from the cast introduced me to Art In Motion, when they were in need of a new member. After working with 20 little ‘Munchkins”, I felt I could take on any new challenge that would come my way! I am very excited to share this new chapter of my life with all of you. The AIM Family has been incredibly warm and welcoming, and I look forward to everything that these upcoming years have to offer!

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