Victoria Rosa is from Long Island, New York and started dancing at the age of 4. She began to seriously train at Art In Motion Dance Center in 2010. Under the mentorship of Siobhan Santapaola at the age of 16 she earned an internship and work study at Art In Motion Dance Center learning to teach dance. Victoria went on to graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in Dance & Theater from Manhattanville College in 2019. At Manhattanville she worked with choreographers such as Peter Pucci, Larwrence Goldhuber (BIGMANARTS), Takehiro Ueyama (TAKE Dance), Shawn T Bible (shawnbibledanceco.), Shannon Gillen (Vim Vigor), Julia Ehrstrand, and Mike Esperanza (Bare Dance). Victoria is excited to return to her home studio to pass on her love and passion for dance to the next generation.