Born and raised in Brooklyn New York, dancing has always been a huge part of my life. As a young child, I was inspired to dance by such entertainers like Michael Jackson where I studied different ways to isolate my body and MJ style dancing. And Janet Jackson where I learned how to follow intricate choreography. While in school, my dance teachers Ms.Vaughn and Ms.Sistaire are responsible for a lot of my dance foundation training in Ballet, Street Jazz, and African.

Working with Beyoncé is my biggest dance job to date. It was Frank Gatson who admired my dancing ability at an audition, and gave me the opportunity to worked behind the scenes with Beyoncé, helping to teach her a routine for her “I’Am” tour. Today, I continue to dance and chase my dreams. For as long as I’am blessed to continue my journey with dance, I will strive to be greater than i ever was before.

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