While being a young aspiring dancer at the age of seven. I knew dance was my passion. I started my dance career after my very first class. I trained here at AIM under Ms. Siobhan, Ms. Andrea, Ms. Ali, Ms. Vicky, and Ms. Athena. I began competing at the age of 8. Soon after attending competitions, I began receiving scholarships to conventions and invitational experiences along with other amazing opportunities. At 15, I was dancing in the metamorphosis contemporary collective in Chicago. When I was 16, I attended the Joffrey experience at the Joffrey Ballet School. I also went back to Joffrey at 17 and completed the ballet intensive and the pre-professional jazz and contemporary program.

I have now graduated high school and attending college which means I’m no longer a student at Art in Motion but I’m so excited to be a teacher here at my second home and watch kids fall in love with dance just like I did!